MAXFOOT Bike MF19 Features

The MAXFOOT MF19 is a group supported collapsing fat-tire electric bicycle for the American market. MAXFOOT is another organization and its pleasant to see their first discharge is a genuinely good considering the history other publicly supported alternatives have endured. This might be expected to some extent with their association with a bigger ebike organization that has been around the North America scene for quite a while now delivering different contributions. While fat-tire collapsing ebikes are ending up somewhat increasingly normal, what is interesting here is these incredible cast amalgam edges.
Maxfoot Mf19 Electric Bike Review

These are made unique for the bicycle and houses the ground-breaking 750watt center point engine consummately. It looks it comes in simply the one casing size and style right now (kind if a mid-advance casing), yet I figure they will have variations that may change the cost as well, similar to this orange one I have envisioned with spokes rather than the edges. I figure we may have a couple of shading alternatives, similar to this white and orange which I may include are incredible for perceivability that I got the opportunity to find face to face. I am told they will have a dark just as a yellow. It's an extremely intense looking electric bicycle, due to a limited extent to these 20"x4" Chao Yang fat tires, extraordinary for loamy and delicate landscape like snow and sand. 20psi is the most extreme rate for expansion, yet as far as I can tell, for going mud romping you need to bring that down to about 5psi-7psi to truly receive the rewards. In any case, keeping such a low psi make for a little looser elastic which can build the danger of squeeze pads, otherwise known as "wind nibbles" so do be cautious at the lower psi appraisals. Being a 750watt, its extraordinary that is has a throttle supersede that you can turn on and off, and the engine inhibitors are an incredible touch as well. I cherish the inside directed links and the Trendo incorporated 10lux front lamp. Returning to the estimating, there are many changes you can make to make it fit perfectly. The range of the bicycle is around 24" so it is somewhat more. It has an extending stem to raise the handlebar and the seat post has a great length of 350mm so these changes can help get the correct geometry moving for your ride. No suspension here (aluminum combination inflexible fork) however the seat post is 34mm, somewhat more extensive and more grounded, yet can likewise be swapped out for suspension choices. Helping these meaty edges is 135mm center point separating with a 9mm pivot in the front with strung nuts and 170mm center dispersing in the back with a 11mm strung hub. There is no outer torque arm here, similar to you here and there observe with higher-end ebikes… with an amazing engine like this (750watt ostensible rating) I do stress over it jostling up the edge after some time and getting some edge shake. The MF19 is to some degree substantial for a collapsing bicycle, it weighs 60lbs aggregate, yet you could expel that 7.2lbs battery while moving it around to get it somewhat lighter. For collapsing, it has a fundamental joint amidst the edge, folds at the stem, folds at the pedals, and obviously the kickstand can come up and the seat can overlay down. There is a help represent when it is collapsed so you don't beat up the chain ring which is likewise decent. Different highlights incorporate aluminum compound chain direct, flexible length kickstand (in spite of the fact that it is put at the wrenches creating pedal lock while turning around), coordinated chime, supervisors for back rack and bumpers (yet not bottle confine), and an ebike explicit rust proof chain.

When I asked MAXFOOT who makes the center drive engine that drives this bicycle, they answered that it is in house, a real MAXFOOT marked engine, however I noticed their entrance level variant of a similar bicycle was utilizing a Xofo center point drive so that could be a piece of information at any rate towards its motivation. The engine is unquestionably incredible with a 750watt ostensibly evaluated yield which most likely pinnacles some place during the 900's. It works on a 12 magnet rhythm sensor just as a throttle that can be utilized on interest or turned on/off through a cutoff switch. Its zippy, you can feel the power flooding through the setup, in spite of the fact that this can give it an incredible feeling of "on-off, on-off" while faltering on the framework. Precisely it has a 7 speed Shimano Altus with 14-28 tooth tape, not the amplest range, yet a typical setup seen in comparable bicycles. The shifter is a thumb shifter which I am not as cheerful about, yet it is reasonable since they need such a format to clear path for collapsing, the throttle, and cut off switch. Halting the bicycle is a lot of Tektro Aries mechanical brakes, 160mm in the back and 180mm in the front. Mechanical brakes require less upkeep and are anything but difficult to change, be that as it may, they do take more incitation on the hands since it needs to send the power through the links. Fortunately, the MAXFOOT MF19 has engine inhibitors on each heat handle so it will slice capacity to that solid engine.

Fueling the MF19 is a decent size battery which plans to coordinate the quality of the engine. It's a 7.2lb 48v 14ah Lithium-particle pack which can be charged on or off the bicycle. I do like the removable elastic gasket that covers the charging port on the bicycle, it appears to be appropriate to keep the internals secured from flotsam and jetsam you may get going romping. Access to the battery is through the fundamental container of the edge, once collapsed at the hook and can be verified by means of lock and key. The charger is a 3amp charger, not incredible or horrible, yet a pleasant medium between a slower 2amp and quicker 4amp. I should make reference to it's ideal to store any Lithium-particle battery in a cool, dry area, and abstain from dropping and releasing underneath 20% to expand security and life expectancy.

When the battery pack is stacked and prepared to go, basically hold the mode catch situated at the focal point of the control cushion, which is mounted inside reach of the left grasp. The substantial grayscale King Meter SW-LCD unit squints to life demonstrating your battery level, odometer, current speed, help level (beginning in 1 naturally), and watts being utilized. You can cycle from odometer to trip separate by tapping the mode catch, cycle from current speed to average and max speed by holding the up bolt, enact the lights by holding up and mode at the same time, and start walk mode by holding the down bolt. Walk mode is particularly helpful if the bicycle is stacked with apparatus, or perhaps you're in a recreation center where it's not proper to ride, possibly the landscape is excessively steep and flimsy for the tires, or you have a level. Notwithstanding, it ought to be said that the walk mode (as a result of the incredible engine) is somewhat jerky being used. For the individuals who need to change more settings, hold the here and there bolts at the same time. This enables you to change the wheel measure, illuminated splendor (1-3), and units (mph or km/h). Press mode to explore through the settings menus and hold mode to leave settings. At last, the most well-known collaboration with the showcase is to press up or down to explore from 0-5 help dimensions. The higher the dimension, the more power and speed you'll get, however you can generally supersede the present dimension by actuating the turn throttle on the right. What's more, I cherish that MAXFFOT has incorporated an on/off catch for the throttle! This, joined with the brake switch engine inhibitors, gives most extreme command over all methods of activity. With a responsive 12-magnet rhythm sensor and the variable speed bend throttle, this ebike is setup great, however not as quickly responsive as the top of the line multi-sensors presently observed on numerous mid-drive ebikes. I adore that the organization has incorporated a full-sized USB Type-A port incorporated with the base of the showcase, in any case, this is 5 volt 500 milliamp so don't anticipate that it should keep up or charge electronic embellishments all around reliably or rapidly. The showcase can be swiveled forward and back to lessen glare in the event that you don't over-fix the clip, yet it isn't removable. Given the situating, over the stem at the focal point of the handlebar, this presentation ought to be genuinely shielded from scratches at bicycle racks however will even now take sun and climate harm after some time. The presentation is water safe yet not waterproof. I've seen that a few proprietors will verify their caps over the showcase and others will utilize plastic sacks to shield from downpour.

All in all, I would state the MAXFOOT MF19 is a decent first endeavor for another organization. There are a couple of tradeoffs to consider, so its best to gauge them and check whether the bicycle is a solid match for you. It is a touch of baffling to see a couple of things forgot, for example, bottle confine managers, a back incorporated light, and an outer torque arm to keep the casing stable with that amazing engine after some time. Additionally, I do wish the controller was a bit smoother, possibly in new cycles they will refresh it, yet for the present, it just feels sort of jerky, even at level 1. There is some deferral in the framework too when it removes, however it improves when moving. $2,599 is never again a passage level cost, so individuals do now and again anticipate that a portion of these seemingly insignificant details should be resolved. In any case, for some individuals, the greatest exchange off will be the disgrace that pursues publicly supported items. Ebikes are no more peculiar to the group subsidizing amusement, and there have been the two triumphs and disappointments in the field so I here and there encourage to continue with alert. Having MAXFOOT attached to a greater brand helps its odds nonetheless. I am likewise told they are putting forth a multi month guarantee on the bicycle and a multi year guarantee on the engine and battery, which is beyond what I can say for some different bicycles new to the scene. When you consider this alongside the incredible edges, collapsing capacities, and a ground-breaking engine, you begin getting energized for the fun this bicycle is worked to have. I might want to express gratitude toward MAXFOOT for welcoming me out to look at their new MF19.

As usual, I welcome inquiries and input in the remark area underneath. Regardless of whether you possess a past variant of the bicycle, have stepped through an exam ride, or are shiny new to the space, I will likely give a goal and legit asset. You can likewise join the Ebike discussions and offer your own photographs, recordings, and survey updates to help other people! Have a ton of fun out there, and ride safe :)


Extraordinary cast composite edges, decent for including quality and an exceptional touch you don't see on numerous bicycles

multi month guarantee on the bicycle and 2 years on the engine and battery is an incredible offering from another organization

Collapsing is simple and I like that it has a middle remain to ensure the chainring and different pieces of the bicycle from hanging over and getting harmed

The 20"x4" Chao Yang fat tires are extraordinary, that littler wheel base and 750watt ostensibly appraised engine makes for a ton of fun on a few surfaces

The Spanninga Trendo incorporated front light is pleasant and its situated so that it focuses where you steer which is extraordinary for perceivability for rider and eyewitness

I cherish that a bicycle like this still has managers for bumpers and a back rack, its amusing to think about the conceivable outcomes you could make when making it your own

A great deal of pleasant little contacts like the elastic gromet by the battery attachment to shield it from gunk on the bicycle, the more grounded and more extensive seat post, or the ebike explicit rust proof chain


Somewhat overwhelming for a collapsing bicycle, presumably as a result of the amazing engine, battery, and fat tires, in complete it weighs 60lbs

As another group subsidized ebike, it might carry some stigmatism that joins that mark, for the most part because of group financing ventures not being considered as responsible and reliable brands, in spite of the fact that they are related with a greater brand too which is great

While the engine is very equipped for getting you up a slope, that control is a tradeoff to the detriment of smoothness, the engine has a very "on-off" feel when riding, and can abandon you with a sentiment of some jerky wavering now and again

Water powered brakes would have been an incredible compliment to the solid engine, yet the MF16 has mechanical brakes rather, in spite of the fact that it has engine inhibitors that assistance to slice capacity to the engine which I believe is extraordinary

Incorporated headlights are extraordinary, however it is incredible to complete it off with a coordinated back light also

I stress over the absence of an outer torque arm on such an amazing bicycle, after some time you could get outline shake from the present setup.


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