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I am an expert writer who has led in excess of a thousand meetings throughout the years. Despite the fact that I more often than not translate my own meeting sound documents the free and out-dated way (composing rapidly as I play and rewind each sentence 100 times while wincing at the sound of my voice), I have attempted various different alternatives. Interpretation administrations have dependably emerged as the best. For this guide, I read existing surveys of translation benefits and counseled discussions to discover ordinarily prescribed choices.
A screenshot of the add files page of the gotranscript order process.

Who ought to get this

Experts and specialists who require a content variant of sound documents—writers, understudies, supporters, and past—can profit by utilizing an interpretation benefit. Such administrations can remove long periods of time spent physically composing up a transcript, and they make it simple to look through the substance of a meeting, to discover a sound example in a vast library of accounts, or to deal with the greater part of crafted by translating cites. Remember that we tried the picks in this guide just with telephone calls recorded with the TapeACall application. It's conceivable that they perform diversely with different sorts of sound, for example, in-person accounts.

Man-made intelligence based translation administrations are a more casual, substantially quicker, and less expensive choice than administrations that utilization individuals for deciphering. Indeed, even the best AI administrations aren't impeccable, yet they are sufficiently exact to help you to remember the substance of a chronicle and help you locate a particular part. That makes them helpful for individuals who require a visual method to parse interviews, for example, writers who record a great deal of meetings, understudies who make easygoing chronicles of their classes, or experts who need to recollect the substance of a gathering. Writers likewise need to twofold check cites regardless, so it can bode well to save money and run with an AI-based administration. In any case, in the event that you take the AI course, you'll have to invest energy tidying up the content. Skirt the AI-based administrations for an administration utilizing genuine individuals on the off chance that you intend to distribute a whole transcript or need a totally precise transcript for use in an expert setting.

The best human-performed interpretation administrations are almost 100 percent precise and battle just with very particular dialect, for example, road names, which makes them more suitable for somebody who needs a correct record of what is said in a sound document. Podcasters who need a full interpretation of a scene, experts who require an exhaustive record of a gathering to appropriate over an organization, or writers setting up a long Q&A article may find that they can spare a huge measure of time utilizing a human transcriptionist. Simply be set up to pay significantly more for the additional precision contrasted and AI benefits, and expect a couple of long periods of turnaround time except if you're willing to pay much more for speed.

How we picked

A man recording their voice with an iphone.

Photograph: Rozette Rago

We scoured gatherings frequented by columnists, authors, and podcasters to discover a scope of regularly utilized translation administrations. We likewise read audits by Poynter, TechRadar, and PCMag. To choose which administrations to test, we thought about the accompanying criteria:


The absolute most essential factor in picking a translation benefit is the lucidness of the subsequent transcript, so we checked examples for their sentence structure and spelling. We likewise looked into administrations' self-revealed precision and other individuals' involvement with them. We supported interpretation performed by genuine individuals that professed to be somewhere around 99 percent precise. Numerous AI-based administrations don't report precision, however one alternative we tried professed to be no less than 90 percent exact for clear sound.


Regardless of whether your boss or customer pays for your interpretations or it leaves your pocket, it's essential that an administration be practical. We found that the most ordinarily prescribed AI administrations cost up to 25¢ every moment of sound, and administrations utilizing human transcriptionists cost up to $2 for a moment of clear sound.

Turnaround time

Computer based intelligence based administrations take a greatest of one to two minutes out of each moment of submitted sound to restore a translation, however human transcriptionists can take days to convey a transcript. On the off chance that a long deferral will interfere with your work process or cause you to miss a vital due date, an AI benefit is significantly more reasonable than a surged translation from a man. Since we saw such an extensive variety of turnaround times, we considered the promoted due dates for AI administrations and genuine individuals translations independently. For the last mentioned, we considered just those translation benefits that could restore a transcript inside a week and took unique notice on the off chance that they guaranteed a turnaround time of hours or even minutes.

Support for muddled sound

Not all sound documents are recorded in an expert studio, so the best interpretation administrations are ready or ready to deal with foundation commotion, language, and accents. In spite of the fact that we tried just with chronicles of English speakers with American and French articulations, we additionally noted what dialects and accents each administration professed to help. A few administrations, for example, Temi, state expressly that they don't bolster dialects or accents other than American English, while others, as Trint, offer translations for various dialects and accents. We organized American English for this guide.

Interpretation editors

The best administrations keep an online database of your interpretations inconclusively. They likewise give you an in-program space or versatile application where you can without much of a stretch alter content, tune in to sound playback when you click anyplace inside the content, change the speed of the sound, and work effortlessly in a spotless plan. Man-made intelligence based administrations are so blunder inclined that it's decent to be able to hop in and alter a transcript on the administration's site. Since human transcriptionists are so exact, we didn't consider it as critical for those administrations to incorporate the same number of web based altering highlights.


Sites that enable you to transfer sound documents instinctively and rapidly make the general interpretation process more lovely. We favored administrations that spread out additional items, for example, including time stamps or choosing a quicker turnaround time on one page, and furthermore demonstrated the expense of those additional items. We expelled administrations that clouded the expense until after we put in a request, made us go through numerous pages to put in a request, or had a muddled appearance.

How we tried

Since we found that meaningfulness was the most essential factor, we tried each administration with an assortment of discussions and levels of sound quality. We composed two contents dependent on genuine meetings that mirrored the distinctive kinds of substance a decent interpretation administration ought to have the capacity to deal with:

Our 237-word-long "control content" identified with automatons and included normal vocabulary and numbers, and finished up with a progression of pangrams—phrases that utilization every one of the letters and hints of the English dialect. It additionally included an intrusion where one speaker talked over the other.

Our 172-word-long "language content" included language about batteries, molecule material science, and place names.

Two expert on-screen characters recorded themselves perusing the two contents over TapeACall, an iPhone recording application that columnists ordinarily utilize. I likewise recorded a lady with a French intonation perusing the total of the control content over TapeACall. By and large, we made four chronicles:

Clear account of the control content: The performers read the control content plainly and without foundation commotion to test the most ideal result from every one of the interpretation administrations.

Control content with foundation clamor: The two on-screen characters read the control content while music played and mutts yelped out of sight to test the administrations' capacity to get on the sound that made a difference.

Control content with complement: The lady with a French intonation read the control content to quantify which administrations improved the situation with non-American inflections.

Clear chronicle of the language content: The performing artists read the language content plainly and without foundation commotion to test how the administrations dealt with surprising words.

We presented every one of the four sound examples to every translation benefit and recorded to what extent it took for us to transfer the examples, in addition to our experience exploring the UI. We planned to what extent each administration took to restore the finished transcript and thought about the transcript against the first content to check precision.

We quantified the nature of the transcripts in two different ways. To begin with, we read every transcript and positioned that it was so natural to comprehend contrasted and the other administrations' transcripts, a factor that we named "coherence." Then we tallied the quantity of words that were right and isolated that sum by the aggregate number of words to produce a rate that reflected precision. Despite the fact that it's anything but difficult to reach an inference from that rate, take note of that we docked focuses from administrations that deciphered "batteries" as "battery" to indistinguishable degree from we did administrations that translated "batteries" as "b-ball." So despite the fact that crude precision scores are less demanding to appear, we positioned intelligibility as more critical.

We additionally recorded the aggregate expense for every translation and tried each administration's editorial manager to decide its usability. At long last, we considered whether each administration offered accommodating alternatives, for example, time stepping, the capacity to include names, and a place to submit vocabulary words.

Our pick: Temi

A man taking a gander at a macbook screen showing the Temi landing page.

The best translation benefit

Inside minutes, Temi returned transcripts that were less demanding to peruse than what other AI administrations created, notwithstanding when the sound record wasn't impeccable or when the words were difficult to pursue.

Purchase from Temi

(10¢ every moment)

Temi is the best decision for quick, cheap transcripts. It beat the AI-constructed rivalry in light of comprehensibility in our tests, and it returns translations inside minutes or hours rather than the days that a human-performed benefit requires. At the point when the precision isn't immaculate, its Web-based manager lets you effectively hop into an interpretation and modify the content or tune in to the synchronized sound. It's likewise the second-minimum costly AI alternative we tried, so it's more moderate for consultants or anybody paying out of pocket.

Simulated intelligence based interpretation consequences of English pangrams

"The beige tint on the waters of the loch inspired all, including the French ruler, before she heard that orchestra once more, similarly as youthful Arthur needed."

"the face you on the waters of the bolt and press all including the French ruler before she heard that orchestra once more, similarly as youthful Arthur needing"

"the face you on the waters of the bolt and press comprehensive French rulers previously she heard that Symphony against only a youthful Arthur need"

"the space shoe on the waters of the bolt and maybe each of the a French ruler before she heard the ensemble once more. Simply did Arthur need"

Unique pangram

Temi interpretation

Otter interpretation

Trint interpretation

The AI-based interpretation administrations battled with pangrams, which incorporate uncommon expressions. Despite the fact that Temi's interpretation was a long way from impeccable, it was the least demanding to peruse. The interpretations highlighted above are from the reasonable chronicle of the control content.

Temi restored a more meaningful translation than Otter and Trint—the two other AI-based administrations we tried—for the reasonable, foundation commotion, highlighted, and language sound accounts we submitted. It had the most noteworthy—or tied for the most elevated—exactness for the reasonable, foundation clamor, and language filled sound chronicles. The initial segment of Temi's control transcript, which examined ramble directions, had precise language structure and was exceedingly clear. The second part, which was comprised of pangrams, had more mistakes. On this transcript, Temi had a general exactness of 73 percent, and we scored it the most noteworthy for lucidness.

Man-made intelligence based interpretation aftereffects of language filled discourse

"Analysts make neutrino shafts by quickening decidedly charged protons and crushing them into beryllium or carbon. This produces pions and kaons."

"specialists make new prepare of these by quickening decidedly charged protons and crushing them into beryllium or carbon that is created is pions and jars".

"scientists make neutrino these by quickening decidedly charged protons and crushing into beryllium or carbon this produces pions experience"

"analysts make neutrino bars by quickening decidedly charged protons and crushing them into a volume of carbon. This produces Tientsin can"

Unique content

Temi translation

Otter translation

Trint translation

We observed Temi's language transcript to be the most lucid, however that doesn't mean it was such precise. For this situation it mixed up "neutrino bars" for "new prepare of these."

Temi still performed superior to anything the opposition when we added foundation clamor to our test chronicles. For this situation Temi had just a couple of a greater number of mistakes than on the control, which implies it's as yet beneficial to utilize Temi notwithstanding when your sound isn't totally clear. Temi's language transcript was less precise than its other work, however the outcome was still superior to anything what we saw from the other AI alternatives and still close enough for us to perceive what was being discussed. The initial segment of the language transcript examines batteries, and we thought Temi's outcome was the most discernible of the AI administrations' transcripts. The last segment incorporates troublesome place names, for example, La Cienega, Wayzata Boulevard, and the Schuylkill. That part baffled Temi—as it did even the human transcriptionists.

Value examination (AI administrations versus human-transcriptionist pick)

Service Price every moment of sound (clear sound with no additional items or rebates)

Temi $0.10

Otter Free (for initial 600 minutes every month)

Trint $0.25

GoTranscript (our human-interpretation pick) $0.90

For longer documents, there's a vast value contrast between our most loved AI administration, Temi, and our most loved genuine individuals benefit, GoTranscript.

Temi charges 10¢ every moment of transferred sound—it's the least expensive choice we tried beside Otter and YouTube, which are free yet uncontrollably incorrect. The calculation behind Temi couldn't care less how confused your sound is, so the cost is dependably the equivalent paying little respect to what you submit. Individuals performed administrations begin at 60¢ per minute and go up dependent on sound multifaceted nature and included highlights. Temi took somewhere in the range of two and five minutes to restore every transcript, which implies it took one to two minutes to decipher every moment of sound. The quickest human alternatives cost considerably more to restore a record inside hours, yet most—including our pick, GoTranscript—take days.

With respect to checking and redressing blunders, Temi has the second-best supervisor we attempted. Trint and Rev, which have a similar manager, took the best spot in such manner simply because their proofreader looks more pleasant—it doesn't include any highlights. Temi's site stores the majority of your transcripts inconclusively and enables you to alter them inside a Web program, giving you a chance to work with the content and the sound in the meantime as opposed to altering an office-programming record and endeavoring to control a sound player as well. You can click anyplace in the transcript to hear the sound for that fragment and sort in your revisions. You can back off the sound playback or hit a catch to rewind five seconds. The interface likewise offers apparatuses for featuring and striking content. When you're set, you can download the transcript as a PDF, Word archive, or content record, or offer it by means of email or a connection.

A circling video of the temi transfer and checkout process demonstrating the Add Files and installment process.

Temi's transfer and checkout process is quick and streamlined. Video: Signe Brewster

Temi had the second-quickest normal transfer time of any of the administrations we tried. You have only two pages to explore: a transfer page and an installment page, neither of which expects you to present any extra data about the document. The UI is present day and clean, so transferring records and altering transcripts is natural. The one obstacle is presenting the underlying sound document, which you should do through the first page of Temi's site—the free-preliminary publicizing on the first page darkens how to utilize Temi's transfer procedure.

Blemishes however not dealbreakers

Temi doesn't enable you to submit speaker names or language, an element that different administrations offer to enhance their translations. It additionally does not spare installment data; in our tests, it expected us to resubmit those subtle elements each time we transferred a sound document. In any case, experiencing the transfer and installment process took us not exactly a moment, like our involvement with alternate administrations we tried. You can likewise transfer numerous records on the double.

Meaningfulness rankings (AI-upheld administrations versus our human pick)

Control Jargon Background Accent

4 4 4 3

6 6 6 5

5 5 5 4

1 2 2 1

Temi (AI)

Otter (AI)

Trint (AI)

GoTranscript (human)

Temi created transcripts that were reliably the least demanding to peruse among the AI choices we tried.

Temi's different defects are basic to each AI-based administration—the best way to maintain a strategic distance from these issues is to pay considerably more for a man to do your translation. As a matter of first importance, despite the fact that Temi beat other AI-based administrations in clarity and precision, regardless it returned translations loaded up with blunders. You should regard Temi as an approach to enable you to locate a particular place in a sound chronicle or review the general substance, not as an administration that splendidly plans cites for production.

Like the other AI administrations we attempted, it particularly battles with sound containing highlights. Since Temi doesn't guarantee bolster for dialects or accents other than American English, we weren't amazed to see it battle with our speaker's French pronunciation. On the off chance that you require an almost ideal interpretation of a document with highlighted speakers, we suggest paying more for translation administrations done by a genuine individual.

Temi's speaker discovery and time stepping are poor, which is a pattern we saw over all the AI administrations. It restored our transcripts as one long section ascribed to "Speaker 1," despite the fact that three of our submitted accounts included two speakers. Its transcripts have an underlying "00:00" time stamp, however no further documentation. Clicking anyplace in the content gives you a period stamp for that area; for a visual portrayal, in any case, be set up to do your own arranging.

Exceptionally precise transcripts from genuine individuals: GoTranscript

A macbook screen showing the gotranscript landing page.

Photograph: Rozette Rago

Likewise incredible



For almost impeccable transcripts done by genuine individuals

The transcribers behind GoTranscript returned about 100 percent precise translations in two or three days and didn't shy away from difficulties, for example, accounts highlighting substantial accents.

Purchase from GoTranscript

(72¢ every moment)

On the off chance that you require a transcript for distribution or a transcript of a sound record highlighting speakers with accents, GoTranscript is the best decision. It's a standout amongst the most decipherable and exact interpretation administrations we tried, and it reliably returned translations that were almost 100 percent precise. Administrations that utilize human transcriptionists take days longer to return transcripts than AI-based administrations like Temi, and they are fundamentally more costly. Be that as it may, the cost merits paying in the event that you would prefer not to invest energy tidying up transcripts yourself.

GoTranscript is the main administration we attempted that precisely deciphered an account of somebody with a non-American pronunciation.

Precision tests for various contents and sound quality levels

Control Jargon Background noise Accent

97% 85% 97% 99%

89% 90% 98% N/A

87% 90% 96% 78%

73% 71% 73% 42%





GoTranscript got high stamps on a scope of contents and sound records, and by and large delivered the most effortlessly coherent transcripts from human transcriptionists. Scribie declined to translate our French-emphasize sound document.

GoTranscript interpreted our control recording with the least mistakes of any administration we attempted. The couple of mistakes included composing "some portion of" rather than "to some extent," and stating "$1,440" rather than "$1,414." On the pangram area, which highlighted phrases that contained the majority of the letters in the English dialect, GoTranscript was flawless. When we presented a similar content with purposeful foundation clamor, the interpretation had just correspondingly minor blunders. Two words were supplanted with "muddled," a typical strategy we saw with human transcriptionists to abstain from embeddings erroneous words; this methodology makes the issue zones particularly simple to spot so you can hop in and alter the transcript yourself.

The initial two sections of the transcript from the language filled chronicle, which was marginally less exact generally speaking than the human-performed work from contender administrations, had only a couple of incorrect words. Be that as it may, we discovered two spots where words had been supplanted with "quiet" or "indiscernible." GoTranscript got formal people, places or things like Mulholland Drive and Bala Cynwyd remedy, however the administration embedded "incomprehensible" names four times for other place names in the last area, which influenced its precision score impressively.

GoTranscript is the main administration we attempted that precisely deciphered an account of somebody with a non-American articulation. At 99 percent precision, the GoTranscript translation of our complemented sound example was the most exact interpretation we got by and large. That outcome beat Rev's 78 percent precise transcript, and Scribie didn't restore a transcript to us by any stretch of the imagination, expressing that the record was excessively troublesome.

Value correlation (human transcriptionists versus our AI pick)

Service Price every moment of sound (clear sound; no overhauls or rebates)

GoTranscript (human) $0.90

Scribie (human) $0.60

Rev (human) $1.00

Temi (AI) $0.10

The extra precision of having a man translate your chronicle comes at a significantly higher cost.

GoTranscript is the second-minimum costly genuine individuals benefit we tried. The administration charges 90¢ every moment for the initial 180 minutes of accounts you transfer, with lifetime rebates in the event that you transfer more. It charges additional for documents highlighting foundation clamor or accents, which implied we paid 10 times the expense of Temi to utilize GoTranscript. Be that as it may, there's no chance to get around paying progressively on the off chance that you need the precision of a human doing your interpreting. Various administrations offer preliminary credits or coupon codes, and GoTranscript gives you $10 of free credit to begin.

Translation turnaround time

Control Jargon Background noise Accent

1 day, 22 hours 1 day, 22 hours 1 day, 22 hours 1 day, 17 hours

3 days, 8 hours 2 days, 9 hours 3 days, 8 hours N/A

8 minutes 2 hours 35 minutes 2 hours

4 minutes 2 minutes 5 minutes

Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute Under a moment

Under a minute Under a minute Under a minute Under a moment

GoTranscript (human)

Scribie (human)

Rev (human)

Temi (AI)

Otter (AI)

Trint (AI)

Precise interpretations, done by genuine individuals, require significant investment. Scribie declined to translate our French-emphasize sound record.

In case you're on due date and you require profoundly precise transcripts rapidly, you have to either pay GoTranscript the premium for surge handling or run with one of its rivals. To get the least expensive value, we chose the slowest conceivable turnaround time: five days. You can pick turnaround times as quick as six to 12 hours for an expense. GoTranscript took between 1 day, 17 hours and 1 day, 22 hours to restore our translations, however longer sound documents could require the full five days. Scribie took a few days to restore our translations, however Rev effectively beat GoTranscript on turnaround time by giving us our records inside hours. The majority of the AI-based administrations were considerably quicker. In any case, we believe it's advantageous to hold up the few days and get a more precise transcript in the event that you have room schedule-wise.

A screen capture of the include records page of the gotranscript arrange process.

Most administrations that utilize genuine individuals require you to give more data amid checkout to decide evaluating. GoTranscript's checkout screen is clear about how each extra influences your aggregate cost. Screenshot: Signe Brewster

GoTranscript's supervisor isn't the best of the administrations we tried, but since its transcripts have so couple of mistakes, you can hope to invest less energy with this manager than with those of different administrations. Despite the fact that it needs includes that contender Rev incorporates, for example, featuring and read-along choices (like how a karaoke machine features the words as you go), it compensates for that without breaking a sweat of utilization. You can click anyplace in the content to have back that influence of the sound and roll out improvements. In our tests, the transcriber precisely recognized distinctive speakers, and each time the speaker changed, another passage started and the content was unmistakably set apart with a period stamp (a choice we paid for). The other human-interpretation benefits additionally did this precisely, dissimilar to the majority of the AI-based administrations.

The transfer procedure is straightforward: After you transfer a sound document, GoTranscript gets some information about the account, including the quantity of speakers and whether the sound is low quality or highlights complements. You can likewise choose choices, for example, time stepping or subtitles. It's reasonable when additional charges are included, and the shape incorporates a spot to submit speaker names or exceptional terms, so you can enable the transcriber to enhance their work.

The opposition

Computer based intelligence based administrations

Trint is an outstanding AI-based translation administration, and it had the best supervisor and the quickest turnaround time of any administration we tried. It additionally promotes its capacity to decipher in different English intonations and 12 European dialects. Be that as it may, in our tests it was less exact than Temi, creating poorer lucidness on each of the four sound examples while likewise being more costly.

Otter offers 600 minutes of free interpretation every month, which makes it an appealing choice for any individual who needs to translate and sort loads of meetings on a nonexistent spending plan. It was a standout amongst the most exact AI choices we tried in word-by-word exactness, and it really tied or beat Temi now and again, yet when it came to lucidness it reliably scored last, with translations that occasionally read as jabber. It's anything but difficult to utilize, and it has the quickest transfer times and a not too bad supervisor. After we at first distributed this guide, Otter connected with us to take note of that the video-talk stage Zoom picked Otter to give mechanized translation of calls, situated to a limited extent on the exactness of the transcripts. (Wirecutter prescribes Zoom as the best programming for Web gatherings.) The organization additionally recommended that outcomes can change contingent upon the sort of chronicle. Be that as it may, in view of our testing utilizing recorded calls and the transcripts gave, we remain behind our picks as the best alternatives to get the most lucid transcripts.

You likewise have a free interpretation workaround through YouTube: Turn your sound chronicle into a video, transfer the video to YouTube, and after that utilization the site's subtitling administration to produce a transcript at no expense. The transfer procedure took so much work and time, in any case, that we immediately precluded this choice. In the event that you need a free transcript, you're in an ideal situation utilizing Otter.

Human interpretation

In the event that you require the precision of a genuine individual doing your translating however have just long stretches of turnaround time to save, Rev could be a decent choice. It has the best manager instrument (actually, indistinguishable supervisor from the AI-based Trint) and the most straightforward transfer procedure of any of the human administrations we tried. In any case, despite the fact that it was more precise than any of the AI-based administrations we attempted, it reliably restored the hardest-to-peruse and most blunder filled interpretations (beside the language translation, on which it tied for the most exact) while being the costliest of the administrations we tried. The Rev transcripts were as yet lucid, yet we believe it's advantageous to sit tight somewhat longer for the less expensive and more precise GoTranscript benefit in the event that you have room schedule-wise.

Scribie took the longest of any tried administration to restore our transcripts, had the most noticeably awful editorial manager, had the slowest transfer process, and brandished the poorest UI. When we presented our sound example of a speaker with a remote highlight, Scribie rejected it. A client benefit delegate expressed that the record was too short and excessively convoluted for the administration, making it impossible to discover somebody willing to decipher it; Scribie rejected a second, longer emphasized document as well. On the off chance that you have to present a sound record just now and again or have bunches of clear sound documents, Scribie could in any case be a decent alternative—it's the minimum costly genuine individuals benefit we attempted, and it delivered simple to-peruse and exact transcripts for us.


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