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Cat S61 Review

The Caterpillar mark has for quite some time been related with development hardware and gear, however the organization has effectively authorized that brand out to a wide range of makers delivering everything from boots to cell phones.

English cell phone maker the Bullitt Group is behind the Cat arrangement of telephones and it has discovered accomplishment by focusing on a specialty gathering of people and building them a gadget that serves their necessities. The Cat S61 is the most recent refinement in the lead arrangement and it's pointed solidly at individuals who require a rough gadget for intense conditions.

This is a stout tank of a telephone, fit for surviving falls, knocks, and dunks without a case. Bullitt has gone more distant than that by pressing in warm imaging, laser estimation, and even air quality sensors to serve engineers, handymen, manufacturers, ranchers, the military, and different gatherings looking for a specific arrangement of aptitudes from their telephones…